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Livello is revolutionizing how goods are identified, managed, delivered and sold.

 By leveraging the power of IoT,
 sensor fusion and machine learning 



Livello is building the future of autonomous retail and supply chain 4.0 to accelerate the digital transformation in companies, retail, warehouse and commercial spaces. We are turning legacy shelves and inventory equipment into smart devices. We are automating traditional asset management and the point of sale to increase efficiency, availability of inventory, decision-making capabilities, customer value and allowing new innovative business models to boost sales. We are enabling companies to extend their reach and opening hours to sell products anywhere and anytime.

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The Livello system is able to autonomously recognize, track, manage, sell and rent out physical goods. Our solution enables the identification and analysis of users and items, e.g., to track which user has taken or returned a product at what time. By means of real-time inventory management and fulfilment planning, continuous availability and production requirements can be determined, to optimize short-term and quantitative material movements.



 Enables retailers, caterers, restaurants, FMCG producers and delivery   services to run their own unattended retail experience anywhere


Close the door and enjoy your meal. All withdrawn products are automatically charged and reported to our cloud platform.


Access through any kind of cashless payment, credit / debit card, mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay), the Livello app or any NFC enabled employee card.


Grab whatever you like, just like in a normal retail environment. The products are identified by our smart sensors and shown on the screen combined with dynamic pricing.

The Livello Smart-Kiosk is a micromarket and innovative vending solution equipped with cutting edge technology, designed for cashierless and checkout-free availability of food and other daily necessities - Anywhere and anytime. The setup is plug´n play and modular, can be combined as cabinets, fridges or freezers. The Smart-Kiosk can be utilised as a mini-canteen, pickup station, inventory management system or as smart store with 24/7 availability. The goods are accessible through all forms of cashless payment, via app as well as employee-NFC-cards. By using sensor fusion, the machine registers the withdrawal of products in real-time as well as the value and inventory levels. After completing the purchase process, withdrawn products are automatically charged and communicated to the ERP. The inventory of the cabinet is monitored in realtime and new products are automatically reordered when required.

EMV card reader for credit, debit, NFC and mobile payment

Cameras and computer vision analyse customers and product movement


Smart shelves with unique 3D weight sensor system for inventory tracking


Smart LED light system adjusts to products and interacts with customers


GPS and location tracking

Embedded System and single-board computers


Temperature / humidity sensors and digital thermostat to ensure HACCP 


RFID tags, labels and reader for contactless product identification


Touch screen user interface for replenishers and customers

HD displays play video content based on promotions, user behavior


Loudspeakers provide audio guidance and product information


Motion sensors detect customer movement and counts visitors


Electronic shelf labels display dynamic product info / pricing


Proximity beacons provide tailored offers to nearby consumers


5G / LTE gateway router, Lan, WiFi or LTE internet connection


Access control system with magnetic electric door locks


Kiosk Control

Sales Reports

User Management


The Livello Mission Control and replenisher apps offer an administrative system for entire business processes and provide valuable insights into the flow of goods to adjust the business model and supply to the actual demand, so that the right articles reach the right locations at the right time.


The Livello cloud infrastructure allows various devices and systems to communicate with each other (machine to machine). It monitors events in real time, and allows a remote control and diagnosis of individual systems to prevent maintenance needs (Predictive Maintenance) and to be able to detect defects.

The Livello Cloud is a SaaS, which is a central storage that evaluates data, provides reporting and resource planning. We are developing an IoT platform, which is using advanced analytics and machine learning to solve the challenges of asset tracking, product availability and planning along the value chain.





Product Identification and Tracking

Deep tech object recognition is one of Livello´s core competencies. Our proprietary hardware and software solution enables us to reliably identify, track and manage any product category. Through sensor fusion we collect extensive data and insights by mixed use of sensors, antennas and cameras. To further optimize automation, increase efficiency and competitiveness, new forms of object recognition are continuously tested and rolled out

Smart Shelves

Our connected-shelves are suitable for every shelve and register the withdrawal of products, monitor inventories and restocking processes in real-time. Inventory gaps can be  identified and avoided early.

Computer Vision

By using micro cameras, we are able to identify products and people on the basis of pictures and machine intelligence and to, thereby, analyze and evaluate the movement of good and buying behavior.

Radio-Frequency ID

Our RFID readers, antennas, and tags are used for the contactless data collection of items. It facilitates the article surveillance, localization, traceability and inspection of the best-before date of a product.



The Livello Plug & Play system can be adjusted and customized for different use-cases and industries. New solutions are constantly being developed to simplify and automate business processes and to create new sales channels. Together with clients we execute innovation projects and develop IoT products for proof of concepts and large scale rollouts.


  • Mobile intermodal container store able to be deployed at any location

  • Ideal for retailers to place outside in front of stores and on parking lots

  • 24/7 availability, self-service retail experience, multiple customers can buy at individual kiosks



  • A digital POS with interactive video display and smart sensors

  • Collect / analyze performance, consumer data, stock levels and forecast demand

  • Test and measure campaign success based on reach and conversion rate


  • Integrated connected kitchen furniture and appliances ideal as an automated mini-canteen

  • Real time insights and management of available inventory; Coffee, beans, water, milk, cups, plates, garbage, sewage

  • Notification when actions required


  • Smart kiosk as freezer 

  • Special sensors that work at -22°C 

  • Realtime data analytics, live inventory and transactions

  • Ideal for checkout-free offering of frozen ready-meals and ice cream


  • Industry 4.0 self-service rental/checkout cabinets to manage and track valuable tools, equipment and materials

  • It monitors usage, returns and conditionof assets to avoid theft and out of stock

  • Allocate assets into correct workspace or project to secure equipment availability



  • RFID smart cabinet for hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and doctor's offices

  • Manage high-value medical devices, vaccines and automate medication dispensing

  • Minimize medication errors, workload of staff, improve access and availability of products, automate inventory tracking, monitor temperature and expiration dates


  • Intelligent shelves with inventory management system

  • Constant availability of goods through demand forecasts and automated reorder system

  • Ideal for "office supplies as a service" business model


  • Next generation hotel / vacation rental Minibar to offer and sell products to guests

  • Accurately check inventory, guest consumption, returned or misplaced items 

  • Introducing promotional E-Trays for product marketing and “test before you buy” feature



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