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Der Smart Kiosk
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An innovative vending solution for the autonomous sale of fresh food and daily necessities.

“Grab ‘n’ Go” for self-service with automatic check-out and 24/7 availability

Can be used as Micro-Market, mini-canteen, pick-up station, inventory management system or smart store

"Plug and Play" to be embedded in any building. Only requires

a power source and internet.

How it works
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The Smart Fridge Vending Solution

Run your own unattended retail experience 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail or delivery services. Sell your products exactly where your customers are: On demand at hand.

Hardware Features


Grab whatever you like, just like in a normal retail environment. The products are identified by our smart sensors and shown on the screen combined with dynamic pricing.


Access through any kind of cashless payment, credit / debit card, mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay), the Livello app or any NFC enabled employee card.


Close the door and enjoy your meal. All withdrawn products are automatically charged and reported to our cloud platform.


EMV card reader for contactless giro, credit cards, NFC cards and mobile payment

Intelligent shelves with 3D weight sensors

Smart LED lighting system responds to environment

GPS tracking, localisation and accelerometer

Embedded Microcontroller System

Temperature sensors for optimal monitoring & regulation

10.1” HD touch screen interface

5G / LTE Gateway Router, optional (W)LAN Internet connection

Proximity Beacons send personalized offers

lectronic shelf labels for dynamic pricing

Motion sensor technology for customer recognition

Speaker Dolby Atmos for audio guidance

29" HD screens for interactive video content

Single or double fridge

Cameras and computer vision analyse customer and product movements

Electromagnetic door locks access control system

Technical Details
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Models: single or double fridge

White-label configurable

Complies with European CE and RoHS directives


Width: 88,5 cm / 160 cm            Gross content per unit: 438L 

Depth: 65,5 cm                          Net weight: 105 KG 

Height: 209 cm                          Temperature: +2 / +10 °C

Connections / Consumption

Internet: LTE, wireless or LAN cable

Power consumption:  295 W

Line voltage: 230V / 50Hz

Noise level: 45 dBA 

Energy consumption: 3,62 kWh/24h 

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Double Fridge

Single Fridge

Payment Methods


Card Reader

Card reader, contactless reader and online payment according to ISO/IEC 14443 A/B, MIFARE, ISO/IEC 18092 - NFC (Reader/Writer Mode, P2P Passive, Initiator Mode according to NFCIP-1 only), Sony FeliCaTM (Basic for NFC forum tags type 3) for many payment methods, e.g. girogo, MasterCard PayPassTM 2.0 and M/Chip, VISA payWaveTM MSD and qVSDC


EMVCo L1 contactless and COR-B20 EMV-L1 contact-based, money card, girogo, MasterCard PayPass™, CE, RoHS, WEEE COR-Axx with PCI 3.x certification

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Marble Surface


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Offices and companies

frame apart.jpg

Apartment buildings

Frame School.jpg

Schools and universities

Frame fitness studio.jpg

Gyms / Sports centers

Frame hospital.jpg


Frame airport.jpg


Frame Stadium.jpg

Stadiums / Fairs

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Hotels / Hospitalitx


Replacing vending machines with micro-markets increases sales on average by 80%

Consumer app / user loyalty features
✔ Standard feature
✖ Not available
Easy replenishment / cleaning
✔ Fast: under 5 min
✖ Difficult: many components
Flexible merchandising format
✔Sell any product
✖ Only pre-sized slots
Hardware costs
✔ Cheap in mass production
✖ High material costs
Kiosk, user and inventory analyses
✔ Livello Analytics
✖ Low data capacity
✔ “Plug & Play” components
✖ Intense technical maintenance, prone to errors
Positive brand awareness
✔ People love fridges
✖ Unhealthy, outdated
Predictive maintenance/ remote access
✔ Realtime alert system
✖ Not available
Product capacity (i.e. cans)
✔ max. 720 cans per fridge
✖ max. 180 – 500 cans
Product change / adjustment
✔ Easy via “Drag&Drop”
✖ Difficult configuration, requires special tools
Product/ shelflife tracking
✔ Realtime
✖ Not available
Retail experience
✔ Open shelves like supermarket
✖ Not available
Smart supply chain management
✔ Livello Mission Control
✖ Not available
User and inventory analytics
✔ Livello Analytics
✖ Few data points
Weight / mobility
✔ Lightweight (110 kg) + rolls
✖ Heavy/ large (350+ kg)


vending machines

Cloud Solution

Kiosk Control

Sales Reports

User Management


The Livello Mission Control and replenisher apps offer an administrative system for entire business processes and provide valuable insights into the flow of goods to adjust the business model and supply to the actual demand, so that the right articles reach the right locations at the right time.


The Livello cloud infrastructure allows various devices and systems to communicate with each other (machine to machine). It monitors events in real time, and allows a remote control and diagnosis of individual systems to prevent maintenance needs (Predictive Maintenance) and to be able to detect defects.

The Livello Cloud is a SaaS, which is a central storage that evaluates data, provides reporting and resource planning. We are developing an IoT platform, which is using advanced analytics and machine learning to solve the challenges of asset tracking, product availability and planning along the value chain.




Contact Us


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Livello Ltd
Elisabethstrasse 73

40217 Dusseldorf


Tel: 0211 63556321

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