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The future of Retail and Asset Management

We are building the future of “automated autonomous retail” and accelerating the digital transformation in retail-, warehousing- and commercial places. We aim to automate traditional asset management and the point of sale for an increase in efficiency, the ideal inventory availability, faster decision-making capabilities, added values for customers allowing new innovative business models to boost sales.

The Livello system is able to autonomously recognize, track, manage, sell and rent out physical goods. The solution enables us to identify and analyse users and items, e.g., to track which user obtained or returned what product at what time. By means of real-time inventory management and fulfilment planning, constant availability and production requirements can be determined, to optimize short-term and quantitative material movements.

Product Identification and Tracking

We work with the latest technologies of product identification using intelligent sensors, antennas and cameras which record and evaluate occurrences. As a result, every movement of every component can be tracked across the entire life cycle in detail. Different products and use cases require different combinations of sensor fusion to correspondingly ensure reliability.

Smart Shelves

Our connected-shelves are suitable for every shelve and register the withdrawal of products, monitor inventories and restocking processes in real-time. Inventory gaps can be  identified and avoided early.

Radio-Frequency ID

Our RFID readers, antennas, and tags are used for the contactless data collection of items. It facilitates the article surveillance, localization, traceability and inspection of the best-before date of a product.

Livello ERP Cloud Solution

The Livello Mission Control and replenisher apps offer an administrative system for entire business processes and provide valuable insights into the flow of goods to adjust the business model, supply chain to the actual demand, for the correct item to arrive at the right location at the right time.

The Livello cloud infrastructure allows various devices and systems to communicate with each other (machine to machine). It monitors events in real-time and permits a remotely operated control and diagnosis of each single system to preventively identify predictive maintenance and defects.

The Livello cloud solution is a SaaS product management system that processes and evaluates all data as a central memory and offers reporting and resource planning. It enables the monitoring and insight into products, locations, user data, logistics, flow of goods, purchases, sale, transactions and reporting. It can be integrated with other IT systems like SAP. We are developing the third generation of IoT platforms to solve the challenges of asset tracking, availability and planing along the supply chain, by employing advanced analytics functionalities and machine learning.


Computer Vision

By using micro cameras, we are able to identify products and people on the basis of pictures and machine intelligence and to, thereby, analyze and evaluate the movement of good and buying behavior.

The Livello Smart-Kiosk is available as a white label solution. Together with our clients, we also develop innovation projects and IoT prototypes for specific use-case and concepts for the roll-out.


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Alexander Eissing


Livello smart kiosk

The Livello Smart-Kiosk is a micro-market which is equipped with the state of the art technology. Made for the autonomous sale and check out of food and daily necessities. The setup is Plugnplay and modular to be combined in diverse variants such as cabinet, fridge or freezer. The smart kiosk can be utilized as mini canteen, pick up station, stock management system or as smart store with 24/7 availability. The goods are accessible through all major forms of cashless payment, via app as well as employee-NFC-cards. By using sensor fusion, the device registers the withdrawal of products in real-time as well as the sales value and shelf stock. After completing the buying process, removed products are automatically calculated to the customer and communicated to the ERP. The inventory of the cabinet is constantly monitored and new products are automatically re-ordered when needed.

Smart weighing system

RFID system

HD IPS touch screen

Speaker Dolby Atmos

Accelerometers/motion sensors

Cloud-connected infrastructure

EMV card reader

Microcomputer controllers

Magnetic electric door lock

Temperature sensors

Electronic shelf labels

Micro cameras

GPS tracker

LTE router/gateway

Bluetooth 4.0

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