The micro market for your workplace.

Convenient, healthy and affordable.


Livello offers an innovative food service in the form of an intelligent kiosk which supplies you with delicious and nutritious food at anytime. We deliver fresh and healthy “ready-to-eat” meals, salads, wraps, sandwiches, sushi, snacks, soups, smoothies and other drinks.

A smart catering solution for modern companies and food-conscious employees.

Food that everyone loves

In our kiosks, we serve a seasonal and diverse product range for a balanced nutrition for every time of the day. The range is individually adjusted to your employees needs and offers something for every nutritional type. Left-over products are picked up and donated by request.


Access the fridge with a contactless debit or credit card, mobile payment, the Livello App or your customer card.


Help yourself. The withdrawn items are automatically recognized and shown on the display.


Close the door and enjoy your meal. You're only charged for what you keep.



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A full-service solution consisting of delicious meals, snacks & drinks. LMIV compliant.

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Natural and hiqh-quality to-go-food. Something for every nutritional type.

Extension of existing catering offer. 24/7 availability on-site.

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Improve well-being, productivity and concentration at the workplace.

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No work, no staff resources, fits into any company

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Reasonably priced, comparable to supermarkets. Possibility of tax-free food allowance for employees.


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We are a food and tech startup that revolutionizes food at the workplace. Our team's mission is to improve food options and wellbeing in every-day life. We believe that healthy food should be available easily, everywhere and at anytime.

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