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Smart Fridge: Vending Machine
for food service providers

Livello Catering:
Fresh, delicious food at any time at any workplace: In the Livello Smart Fridge

Livello Technologies: 
Operate your own white label vending machine

Clients and Partners

Smart Fridges:
The next generation
the food Vending Machines

  • Easy to use: Fast replenishment and easy shopping. Browse the products like in a supermarket.

  • Automatic product identification and inventory

  • Provide fresh food around the clock

  • Supports all cashless payment methods and cards

Products are accessed via contactless payment, app or employee NFC cards. Patented sensor technology automatically records all removed products and updates retail value and shelf stock. All removed products are automatically charged.

The shopping experience at the Livello Smart Fridge

Shopping at the smart fridge takes 15 seconds, which largely avoids long queues.


Contactlessly pay with credit or debit cards, mobile payments, your own app, or an NFC employee card.


Just help yourself. Removed products are automatically detected and displayed on the screen.


Close the door and let it 
taste. Of course, you will only be charged for what you took.

A wide range of possible uses for our smart food stations

Increase your success with Livello's smart vending machines: offer high quality catering in multiple locations and benefit from easy integration and customizable solutions.

Livellos inventory management system, Mission Control
Enterprise Resource Management System

The Livello
Mission Control

The Livello Mission Control and Apps offer control and administration systems for entire business processes and provide valuable insights into the flow of goods.

Discover the advantages of our vending machine solution in detail


An innovative retail solution for the autonomous sale of fresh food and everyday essentials

Self-service “Grab 'n' Go” with automatic check-out and 24/7 availability.

Can be used as a micro market, mini canteen, pick-up station, inventory management system or smart store.

Ready to plug into any room. All you need is a power connection and internet.


A full-service solution consisting of delicious meals, snacks & beverages.

Expansion of the existing food and catering offer.  24/7 availability directly on site.

No effort, no personnel costs, little space required. 1 - 2 m² 

To improve job satisfaction, productivity and focus.

Livello: The difference from traditional vending machines

Innovative design, quality products and easy-to-use technology. Experience the next generation of vending with Livello.

vending machines




Flexible sales format 

Each product adjustable

default formats

Easy filling/cleaning

Fast: Under 5 minutes

Complicated: Many components

shopping experience

Open shelves like supermarket

Enter selection

maintenance needs

Simple "plug and play" parts

Intensive technical maintenance

hardware costs

Low material costs

High material costs

Own app/customer loyalty


Rarely available

Product capacity (example cans)

Max 720 per fridge

Max 180-500

Kiosk-. User and needs analysis

Livello Analytics 

Low data availability

Inventory/Transaction Summary

Livello Mission Control

Rarely available

Remote Access/Troubleshooting

Remote diagnosis & troubleshooting

Rarely available


Livello: Who we are


Livello is a B2B technology company that develops innovative catering and retail solutions to digitally transform corporate, retail, warehouse and commercial spaces.

Our mission is to use our technology to provide people with easy and fast access to healthy food and other daily necessities - anywhere, anytime.


Our vision is to develop the future of "unattended autonomous retail" and set up shop where people work, travel and spend their time.


Our customers include food retailers/producers, hotels, restaurants, clinics, universities, delivery services, and institutional food service providers.


The perfect solution for your business: buy or lease vending machines

Leave us your contact details for a brochure and further information.


Tel: 0211 63556321


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